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manuscript consultation

My process gives momentum to the psychological and personal landscape that drives each writer. We closely track the deep places that your writing comes from, situating your work in a lineage that activates your work. Wherever you are in your writing process, we co-create a tailored plan to meet your goals.


I specialize in consultations directly focused on sharpening the ever illusive “voice” that drives your work. I offer a variety of services, depending on your needs. I offer line edits, copy writing and editing, deep reading feedback, positioning your work to agents and ghostwriting. We lift the narrative drives from your work so that you can move forward with a sharp, cohesive manuscript. To each writer, I bring tailored insight and expertise from my work as a devoted teacher, writer and reader. I work the whole spectrum of your needs, from the detailed precision of editorial insights to the broad and gorgeous philosophical intentions of your writing. I bring confidence and direction to your writing projects and to your writing life as a whole. 

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